Zombie Survival Outbreak

Zombies have now become a fad these days, becoming even more popularized in TV shows and movies. Of course, games are also made with this trend in mind. You can now even play a zombie survival game online for free, being able to choose from the number of titles that is available on the Internet. However, one game stands out from the rest and it actually titled as Zombie Survival Game. Unlike any zombie game you may have played, the amount of cartoonish gore in this game is both fun and scary!



If you have ever come across the Metal Slug series and loved it, then you are in for a great time when you play Zombie Survival Game because the style is patterned after it. Even the main character resembles that of the Metal Slug hero! What’s cool here is that you will never run out of ammo to use, although your grenades are very limited. On the other hand, there is nothing cooler than having an unlimited amount of ammo to shoot zombies with! This side-scrolling action game is accompanied by a chilling soundtrack and voice effects that will surely have you playing at the edge of your seats.