Zombie Survival Games

Zombies may be creepy but these creatures can make your boring day become action packed. Zombie survival games are exciting to play whether on your own or if you choose to play with your friends. Killing the zombies to survive can be challenging. But with your gaming skills, everything is possible. These games can be played online, on your PC and even on mobile devices. There are hundreds of zombie games to choose from so you will never run out of new ones to try. If you got tired of playing one zombie game, try the other games and see which one will be more enjoyable for you. Here are some of the zombie games that you can try.

House of the Dead

There are various House of the Dead installments to choose from. Your mission will differ from one version to another. Plus, the games are divided into different chapters that you need to survive to move on to the next phase and become close to completing your mission. There will be boss battles on each of the chapters. Hit the weak points of the bosses to knock them out and proceed to the next level. Their weak points will be revealed before the boss fight starts. This is a multiplayer game so you can call your other friends to enjoy playing the game with you. Help each other to kill the zombies and complete your mission without being infected or killed.


Dead Frontier

This is an online zombie survival game that will give you the opportunity to play with different players registered on the site. You need to create an account to start playing the game. But don’t worry because registration is for free. Once done creating your account, start your battle against the zombies and stay alive. Team up with other players and help each other so you will be stronger. But if you prefer being a one man army, then you can make your own moves. Collect the items you need during the daytime by searching around the game location. If you have enough money and the needed XP level, you will be able to purchase specific items that can help you in your battle. Avoid being killed by the zombies using your quick moves and powerful weapons. Gold membership is available for this game. This is a paid account that will provide more weapon selections. Some of them are only exclusive for paid members. But if you want to have fun playing without spending a cent, play the free game instead and stick with your free account.


Zombie Survival Outbreak

There is only one goal for this fun game and that is to survive the zombie attack. This is an online game that you can play without the need for download or installation. Search for sites that offer this game so you can try playing it. Kill the zombies using your weapons while preventing them from hitting you. Watch out for your health by checking on the health meter on the upper right of the game window. You will be notified if your health is in danger. Use your arrow keys to move your character and fight the scary zombies.