Return Man Zombies

Return Man: Zombies is a zombie variant of the popular ESPN Return Man game. If you love sports and zombies, what could possibly be a better fit? The game is based around high paced, arcade action as you weave in and out of zombie defenders to try to reach the end zone. Do you think you can make it before you turn as well?


If you have ever played any of the other return man games, the gameplay should be very familiar.  If not, the goal is rather simple; return the kickoff for a touchdown while avoiding defenders (in this case zombies).  During your run to the end zone, it you have the opportunity to grab power ups to help you like a speed boost!  Navigating the field is initially limited to the IJKL keys, but additional moves can be unlocked after playing the game for a while.  Moreover, you had better make the most of each one because you are limited to five lives and the game gets progressively harder with each level.


During the course of playing, you earn points for every touchdown, power up, or specialty move you are able to achieve.  Best of all, after you receive your score at the end of a playthorugh, you can track your high scores or even post them to a live scoreboard.  Will you be able to beat your friends and family?

Return Man Zombies


I: Run forward

J: Run left

K: Run back

L: Run Right

SPACE: Pause

(More moves are unlocked as you play)

Tips and Tricks:

During the course of playing Return Man Zombies, I have come across a number of tips and tricks that are helpful for working through the various levels.  First, it is very important to make sure that you get the power-ups as you run down the field.  If you grab the speed power-up, specifically, it can give you a HUGE chance at scoring the elusive touch down.  In addition, it can be very useful to reverse field in avoiding the zombies.  Make sure you follow your blockers and move in ways that the zombies will not expect and you will win!


Age Appropriate:

Although the game is lighthearted and easy enough, we strongly recommend parents try the game first before letting their kids play.  If your child is afraid of zombies, this game may not be a good idea.  It is also beneficial for parents to play the game first because parents can play with or against their children.