Play Scary Maze Game

These days – YouTube pranks are very popular. There are many YouTubers that make a living filming different and funny prank videos. But 10 years ago – it was completly different. YouTube was not as big as it is today. People were sending each other different online pranks. One of the most popular ones was the maze game. This game looks “regular” – but after you play it for some time – a witch pops, screams and scare you.

play maze

Now there are also maze game mobile apps that you can download to your smartphone.  I persoanlly think that playing maze games on a touch screen is harder than using a computer mouse – but some actually find it more fun . These days most smartphones come with a big screen – so it’s easier, but still – I like playing scary games on my computer. To be honest – I spend at least 2 hours a day playing games online, and sometimes I get bored and look for an exciting game. The scary mazes always get me entertained.

You can find many different versions of the Scary Maze online. I really like the original game, but Scary Maze 3 is really fun as well. All these games are completely free of course. You can send them to your friends and prank them (in case they still did not hear about the Scary Maze Game of course). Just make sure their speakers are working and the volume is high !

level 3 maze

You can also watch really funny videos on YouTube showing people playing the Scary Maze Game. Many people like filming their friends getting scared by the game and uploading it to YouTube. Many of these videos get millions of views. Cool ! YouTube pays you money for each 1000 views, so guess what – if you video goes viral – you can earn a lot of money !

So, play the scary maze game now and enjoy ! oh, and don’t forget to send it to your friends as well.