Online Zombie Survival Games

In the new age of technology, people of all ages are into gaming. Zombie games are popular to a lot of people. These can be played online, on the computer or on mobile phones like Android and iPhone. The good news is that there are several games that can be played for free. This means that you’ll have a great time playing zombie games without spending anything. Furthermore, you have the option to play it on your own or with your friends. You can even play zombie games online with other players from different locations and compete for the high score. If you don’t want the hassle of having to download and install zombie games on your computer, free online zombie survival games are available all over the web.

These games do not require downloading and installation. So if you don’t want to undergo this process or you want to play them immediately, search for free online games to play. There are several sites that offer online zombie games without a cost. Plus, you have wide range of game options to select from. See which of them interests you and enjoy playing the game. Some of the games have varying levels that you need to clear. Others will require you to save hostages or to do a specific mission. However, some of them have one level and that the game will only end when your character dies. It’s up to your which game you prefer to play.


Dead Frontier is one of the best zombie survival games that you can play online for free. Survive the attack using your various weapons including knife, swords and katana. There are several weapons to use to survive the game. You have more than 100 weapons to choose from. The game starts by creating an avatar, choosing its class and job. As you progress with the game, more options will be made available for you. The zombies will be stronger on the next levels so you need to select the best weapons and become more alert in killing your enemies. The game will end when your character dies.


Zombie Survival Outbreak is another good game that you can try. The game will continue until your character is defeated by zombies. Stay in the game as long as you can and get higher points. If you’re one of the players with the highest scores, your name will be added on the list of high scorers. You can use various weapons on this game including grenades, knife and guns. Use the arrow keys to move your character left and right. The A, D and S keys are used for the weapons. Cheats are available for this game making it easier to kill them zombies and survive. However, you will be disqualified for competing for the highest scorers.


These are only two of the many zombie games that you can play online. Most games require flash player to be installed on your computer for them to play. If they do, make sure to install the application so you can play the games without any problem.