Online Zombie Survival Game

Zombie survival games are popular games that are played on computers, as well as mobile phones. They are exciting and terrifying at the same time. You will feel excited and nervous while getting ready for the zombies attacking you. You will feel fear as you see them go after you and you will feel the adrenalin rush while fighting for your life, which will make you play these games over and over again. You can also play these zombie games online. As long as you have computer and Internet connection, you have the chance to play several online games for free. Zombie Survival Outbreak is a great online zombie survival game to play without spending anything.

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This is available for download, but if you want to play the game instantly without the need for installation find a site that will allow you to play it online. You will see many sites that offer this for free. Since this is a flash game, make sure that you have Flash 10.1 or higher version installed on your computer. If you don’t have this installed, you will not be able to play the game as it will not load on the screen. But you will receive a message asking you to download flash. Downloading this file is free so access the appropriate site for the download and installation to proceed playing the game.


Your goal in Zombie Survival Outbreak is to survive zombie attack as long as you can. Zombies will keep on coming and as long as you can survive, you will go up to the next level. This will only end when your character dies or when you exit the game. Kill the zombies using your weapons like gun, knife and grenade. As you play the game, your level will go up, unlocking various items that you can use to stay alive on the game.


Use the keyboard to control your character. Use the arrow keys to make it go to a specific direction. Press the right key to go to the right and the left key to go left. Press up and down arrow key to go to those directions. If you want the character to run, press the space key together with the specific arrow key that tells the direction where you want your character to go. For instance, pressing the space bar and right arrow key at the same time, will make your character run to the right. Use the A key for your weapons, D key for the grenade and S key for the knife.


You will be asked for the difficulty of the game when you start. If you are new to this game, select the normal level. Your other options are hard and lunatic. Zombies on the hard level are two times stronger than the ones on the normal level while those on the lunatic stage are three times stronger. You can use cheats though you will not be able to compete for the highest scorers for this. Click the cheat option and enter the specific cheat you want to use. The cheats that you can use are stagger for getting 99 grenades, aimbot for scoring headshot, mecha to start with the NEO-mech suit and mekka to start with the mech suit.