Multiplayer Zombie Survival Game

Zombie games are fun to play even when you are alone battling a huge group of zombies attacking you. But games that allow you to play with other players are even more enjoyable as you will have a companion to fight against the enemies. House of the Dead is a series of multiplayer zombie survival game that will keep you engrossed playing for hours. Several installments of this game have been released, though the main goal remains the same. This is to kill the zombies to survive until the end. Guns are used to shoot the enemies. The best way to kill them is through a headshot.

If this is your first time playing this game series, it’s best to start with the first installment. Like the other versions of the game, the first installment of House of the Dead is divided into chapters. Play the role of Thomas Rogan or Agent “G”, save the civilians and survive the attack. Among the hostages of the enemies is Sophie Richards. She is the fiancée of Thomas Rogan. There are more characters to choose from on the succeeding versions of the game. Avoid shooting the civilians to have the opportunity to gain extra life. If you were able to save a civilian, some of them will reward you with it.


Agent “G” is the other protagonist on this game. He also appears as a recurring character on the other installments of the game. He will help Thomas Rogan to save Sophie and the other civilians. Use your mouse to fight the zombies and kill them. Point the mouse to your target, preferably on the head, and left click to fire the gun. Sometimes, it requires more shots to kill the zombie especially if you were able to shoot their body. If you run out of bullets, right click and the gun will automatically reload. You need to be focused and alert since the zombies will appear anywhere and you might be hit if you did not shoot them first.


The game is divided into different stages. Complete one stage so you can move on to the next. Aside from fighting the zombies on each chapter, be ready to fight their boss before you can move on to the next phase. When it’s time for the boss fight, the main weakness of the boss will be shown so you’ll know where to hit them. Focus on heating their weakest area to have a higher chance of killing them. This will not be easy as these bosses will fight back. They move quickly making it even more challenging for you and your partner to knock them down.


The result of the game will depend on how well you and your partner played it. There are different outcomes of the game. You and the other players may survive the attack and save the hostages. It’s also possible that both of you will not be successful in completing your mission. One of you can also be infected and turn into a zombie.