Earn to Die 2 Download

Many of you probably already heard about the Earn To Die game series. These games are really popular and many people enjoy playing them. The first game I played from this series was Earn To Die 2. My friend sent me a link to it, and I became addicted ! Since then I played all the Earn To Die games – more than once. The great thing about these games is that they don’t really have an “ending”. You can keep upgrading your truck/car and improving your driving skills for hours upon hours.


Your goal in this game is pretty simple – drive the car and kill the zombies. As I mentioned – you can upgrade your vehicle and that will make things much easier. Each game is a little bit different – but the concept is pretty much the same. I persoanlly really like the first Earn To Die games (they came out many years ago), especially this one – http://www.plimpi.com/game/earn-to-die-2.

You don’t need to download anything to play Earn To Die 2, or any other Earn To Die game. It is a browser game, so all you need is Flash, and that’s it. Many browsers nowadays come with Flash pre-installed (like Chrome for example). There are ways to download Flash objects to your PC, but I don’t recommend it. Many times it is complicated – and besides that, when you play the game online (on a gaming portal) – you can be sure you play the latest version (so that means less bugs).

To be honest, I really don’t know why people keep spending so much money on gaming consoles like Xbox, when you can play great games like Earn To Die 2 for free on your computer. In the past Flash games were not as advanced and fun, so people really liked PS2 and other vintage consoles. But nowadays – you can find hundreds of super high quality Flash games online. Moreover, there are many HTML5 games as well, and in many cases – they are even more fun (since you can also play them on your smartphone or tablet).

earn to die download

If you liked this game, make sure to share it with your friends. Let them play and they will thank you later ! You can also check out YouTube gameplay videos of this game if you are bored. Some of them are really funny actually. I noticed that these days, YouTube gameplay videos are really popular, and some YouTubers make a comedy show out of them (really cool !).

I hope you liked this article. Let me know if you played the game, and liked it as much as I did !