Zombie Survival Game

If you love playing zombie survival game, there are several sites online where you can play one. In fact, you can choose from hundreds of zombie games offered for a cost and for free. So if you don’t want to spend anything to enjoy playing these games, you can go for the free games. Dead Frontier is one of the zombie games that you can play for free online. What’s even exciting is that you can play with different users all over the world who are registered on the site providing the game. Neila Yates is the person behind this thrilling game, which is operated by Creaky Corpse Ltd.

There’s no need to download or install anything to play the game as this is available on the web. The game will load within 10 seconds, but if your Internet connection is slow it may take longer. Many websites online offer this game, and you can find it here as well. We hope you will like it.

Go to the game’s official site

and register for a free account to start playing. Your goal is to survive the game by killing the zombies. You and the other players can help each other in the battle against them. When you start the game, you will be asked to create a character that will represent you. Select the class and job of your avatar. You will face various challenges throughout the game that you need to overcome.


There are different shops and facilities on the game location to help you with your adventure. Collect weapons by searching around, purchasing them or trading with other players. There are more than 100 weapons to choose from that you can use to kill the enemies. You may create a premium account to have access to more features like items that are only available for paid members. However, if you decide to continue playing the game using basic account, you will still be able to enjoy it. Enhance your playing skills to survive the zombie attack.


The game has a wide location so there are places that have several weapons and items that you can use for your survival. However, there are also those that will not give you great items that can help fight against the zombies. If you have been on the same spot or on a specific path for a while and you are having difficulties getting valuable items, find another path. Eliminate items that are not useful for you to have more room for new and valuable items. If your inventory is full, you will not be able to obtain another item. Some of the recommended items that you need to have are sabre, katana and French knife.

Zombies Football

Sprint can make you move faster, allowing you to go from a specific area to another one. Do not waste your sprint since this can help you especially when there are several zombies attacking you. Find a chainsaw and use it to push zombies out of the way. Doing this will not cause you any harm. Your character will level up and it will increase its XP as you go on with the game. Practice playing the game and become better. Also, make sure to stay on the screen while playing. Do not open other windows and switch back and forth between them because you will not be able to get any items.